Prices for food and drinks in Prague in 2023

Prague is generally considered to be an affordable city compared to other European destinations. The cost of living in Prague is generally lower than in other major European cities, and there are many budget-friendly options for accommodations, food, and attractions. However, like any city, the cost of living in Prague can vary depending on your … Read more

Transportation in Prague

From the airport to the center of the city When you come through the day, the most easy way to get to the city from the airport is to take a bus Airport Express (AE), which goes directly to the Hlavní nádraží (Main station). This bus goes every 30 minutes from 9 to 21 right … Read more

Czech restaurant etiquette

Probably the czech restaurant etiquette and principles of good behavior are similar as in other European countries. but in case they’re not or just for sure, let’s repeat them. Coming into the restaurant Have a reservation if you need to be sure you can eat here The one who comes to doors first is a … Read more

Czech menu translation

Most of restaurants in Prague has menu in english, in the tourist area usually also in german and other languages. Nevertheless if you come across the restaurant with czech only menu, here are some basic words for your better orientation in the menu. Menu navigation Maso – meat Nápoje – drinks

Practical information

Are you comng to Prague or elsewhere in the Czech republic and not sure how it works here, how to pay, tip or behave in czech restaurants, cafés and bars. You are in the right place, this information should help you. What is czech currency? Can I pay buy Euro? Czech republic has its own … Read more

How much to tip in Prague restaurants, bars and cafes

Tipping etiquette in Czech Republic is not set in stone, so tips that fall within a moderate range are likely to be regarded as “ok”. However, tipping is generally expected, and standard etiquette would be to tip 10% of your bill. Staff in Czech restaurants get a salary, and are not working for tips alone. … Read more