Czech fruit dumplings: strawberry, blueberry or apricot

Czech fruit dumplings, also known as ovocné knedlíky, are a traditional Czech dessert made from a doughy ball filled with a variety of fruits such as plums, apricots, or berries. The dough is made from flour, eggs, and milk, and is typically rolled out into a thin sheet, which is then filled with the fruit … Read more

Czech Egg Spread

When Easter is over, dozens of eggs can be boiled and we just need to eat them. So in this time, literally everyone is making egg spread. To be honest, I do it all year round for breakfast or brunch, because I love it. Ingredients for egg spread 4 hard boiled eggs 100g yogurt 200g … Read more

Czech mulled wine

When winter and Christmas come to the city, mulled wine you’ll find at every outdoor stall. But homemade is always better and also easy to make. Some people could say the choice of wine doesn’t matter, you can pick the cheapest one, it will be cooked anyway. But the opposite is true. Use a good … Read more

Czech deli salad / Vlašák

There are a few dishes that I can’t eat other than homemade, from my own kitchen. These include Czech deli salad, called “vlašák” (or fully named “vlašský salát“). We eat it mainly as a part of “chlebíčky“, a Czech open sandwich (remotely similar to the Spanish pintxos), or simply with a baguette. Chlebíčky we eat … Read more

Eggnog – guilty pleasure at Christmas time

Eggnog is a favorite Christmas drink and also pastry filling and an ingredient in cake cream in the Czech republic. We call it “vaječný koňak” or shortly “vaječňák“. This eggnog I make for drinking at home and as a gift when I go to visit someone in time before Christmas. Ingredients for 1 liter of … Read more

Chicken paprikash (Kuře na paprice)

One of the most favorite dishes Czechs loves from childhood is chicken paprikash. It is roasted or stewed choppy chicken with thick creamy sweet paprika sauce. We usually eat it with pasta or potato dumplings. The dish has a distinctive orange color. Recipe Put oil and butter into the pot, let it warm up. Add … Read more

Gingerbreads / Perníčky

Painted gingerbreads

Gingerbread cookies are a great Christmas cookie in how long they last (I mean if don’t eat them in a while). You can start making them in September and decorate them in December. But at the same time, they need to rest for at least two weeks, so if you don’t make it in time, … Read more

Czech Christmas linzer cookies / Linecké

Linzer cookies

Linzer wheels, hearts, stars, or flowers are the most popular Christmas sweets, only vanilla rolls or gingerbreads can compete with them. Ingredients (40 linzer cookies) 210 g flour 140 g mutter 70 g icing sugar 2 egg yolks (or 1 whole egg) vanilla sugar šťáva z půlky citronu half teaspoon of baking powder Knead the … Read more