Czech pea soup / hrachová polévka

Czech pea soup is a traditional Czech dish made from split peas. The soup is often garnished with croutons. In the Czech Republic, pea soup is often served as a part of the traditional Christmas Eve dinner. Especially by those who don’t like carp soup, another traditional Czech christmas soup. It is a hearty and … Read more

Bábovka / Czech cake

Bábovka is a traditional Czech dessert cake that is similar to a marble cake or pound cake. It is made with a batter that is flavored with cocoa powder, and sometimes also vanilla or rum, and is baked in a loaf pan. The cake is typically moist and has a tender crumb, with a slightly … Read more

Czech cabbage soup / Zelňačka

Zelňačka is a traditional Czech soup made with cabbage and sauerkraut. It is a hearty and flavorful soup that is often served during the colder months in the Czech Republic. Some recipes also call for the addition of potatoes, onions, and other vegetables, which help to thicken the soup and add flavor. Is enjoyed by … Read more

Czech Koláče

Kolache is a traditional Czech pastry that is often enjoyed as a sweet breakfast or snack food. The pastry typically consists of a soft, yeasted dough that is filled with a sweet filling, such as fruit, cheese, or jam. The dough is shaped into a round or oblong shape, with the filling placed in the … Read more

Czech Schnitzel / Řízek

“Řízek”, is a Czech dish you will very likely find in any Czech restaurant. It’s a slice of meat coated in breadcrumbs and fried. Usually served with a variety of side dishes, such as mashed potatoes, boiled potatoes, potato salad, baked potatoes or french fries. It’s garnished with lemon wedges, pickles, or cucumber salad. Schnitzel … Read more

Koblihy – czech jam or crem filled donuts

Czech koblihy

Czech koblihy are a type of pastry similar to a doughnut or a bagel, originating from Czech cuisine. They are round, usually glazed, and filled with various ingredients such as jam, vanilla or chocolate cream. Koblihy are popular in the Czech Republic as a snack or dessert and are often eaten for breakfast or as … Read more

Czech fruit dumplings: strawberry, blueberry or apricot

Czech fruit dumplings, also known as ovocné knedlíky, are a traditional Czech dessert made from a doughy ball filled with a variety of fruits such as plums, apricots, or berries. The dough is made from flour, eggs, and milk, and is typically rolled out into a thin sheet, which is then filled with the fruit … Read more

Czech fried Cheese / Smažený sýr

Czech Fried Cheese, or “Smažený sýr” in Czech, is a popular dish that is typically made with Edam or Gouda cheese. It is a savory, crispy and delicious dish that is often served as a side dish or as a snack. Here is a simple recipe for making Czech Fried Cheese: Ingredients Instructions

Czech Egg Spread

When Easter is over, dozens of eggs can be boiled and we just need to eat them. So in this time, literally everyone is making egg spread. To be honest, I do it all year round for breakfast or brunch, because I love it. Ingredients for egg spread 4 hard boiled eggs 100g yogurt 200g … Read more

Czech mulled wine

When winter and Christmas come to the city, mulled wine you’ll find at every outdoor stall. But homemade is always better and also easy to make. Some people could say the choice of wine doesn’t matter, you can pick the cheapest one, it will be cooked anyway. But the opposite is true. Use a good … Read more