Prague travel and foodie bucket list

Visit Charles bridge early in the morning, the best with sunrise with zero people there. Go up to Petrin hill by a cable car. Enjoy beer and the view at Letná beer garden. Walk around the walls of Vyšehrad castle and look at the river and Prague castle. Come to Prague astronomical clock any hour … Read more

Czech Egg Spread

When Easter is over, dozens of eggs can be boiled and we just need to eat them. So in this time, literally everyone is making egg spread. To be honest, I do it all year round for breakfast or brunch, because I love it. Ingredients for egg spread 4 hard boiled eggs 100g yogurt 200g … Read more

Public Holidays in Prague, Czech Republic in 2022/2023

First of all, there are no regional holidays in the Czech republic. All holidays are the same for Prague and all other cities in the country. Czech holidays in 2022 When Holiday 28 Sep (Wednesday) Statehood Day 28 Oct (Friday) Independence Day 17 Nov (Thursday) Freedom and Democracy Day 24 Dec (Saturday) Christmas Eve 25 … Read more

Czech Easter Food

The Czech Republic is a country of many traditions and customs, especially during major holidays. Czech Easter is no exception. In fact, it is one of the most popular Czech holidays among tourists. On Easter Monday, people celebrate spring and rebirth by eating special foods. Czech Easter menu consists of several traditional dishes: Mazanec — … Read more

Czech mulled wine

When winter and Christmas come to the city, mulled wine you’ll find at every outdoor stall. But homemade is always better and also easy to make. Some people could say the choice of wine doesn’t matter, you can pick the cheapest one, it will be cooked anyway. But the opposite is true. Use a good … Read more

Sapa Praha – Vietnamese market in Prague

Sapa Praha is a large Vietnamese market, there are a lot of insignificant clothes shops, but above 30 bistros and a few groceries. When I was here for the very first time a long time ago, I was a little afraid to come here alone without a guide. It came to me that I will … Read more

Czech deli salad / Vlašák

There are a few dishes that I can’t eat other than homemade, from my own kitchen. These include Czech deli salad, called “vlašák” (or fully named “vlašský salát“). We eat it mainly as a part of “chlebíčky“, a Czech open sandwich (remotely similar to the Spanish pintxos), or simply with a baguette. Chlebíčky we eat … Read more

Eggnog – guilty pleasure at Christmas time

Eggnog is a favorite Christmas drink and also pastry filling and an ingredient in cake cream in the Czech republic. We call it “vaječný koňak” or shortly “vaječňák“. This eggnog I make for drinking at home and as a gift when I go to visit someone in time before Christmas. Ingredients for 1 liter of … Read more

What to eat in Mexico

Mexican cuisine is renowned for its variety in both colors and tastes. During European colonization in the 16th century, Mexican cuisine was influenced by new ingredients, especially rice, wheat, pork, and beef, as well as food preparation procedures. The basic food of Mexican cuisine is corn, which is mainly made from corn flour and from … Read more

What to eat in Spain

I love Spain and I enjoy eating here. Tapas or pintxos, plus countless fragrant bakeries where I can have a small meal, two small meals or five small meals, almost anytime, anywhere, exactly how great my hunger suits me. And of course, I love Spanish ham. All in all, I have spent more than half … Read more