The best ice cream in Prague

Summer is hot in Prague and there are a lot of ice-cream sellers. Just few of them make their ice cream from the real fruit, without flavor and coloring agents. And then it tastes how it should taste. Strawberry like strawberry, walnut like walnut. Simply great.

My hint: When I go for ice cream to a place I have never been before, I always look for colors before I make an order. Especially I want to see pistachio. If it’s bright green, it’s not from nuts, it’s full of chemistry and I don’t stop by. If the color is light brown, which is exactly the color of nuts, maybe it doesn’t look great but could taste like real pistachio. Similar to other flavors, when strawberry is too pink, vanilla too yellow or apple too green, run away.


Sorbets from seasonal fruits, ice cream from full-fat milk.

Puro Gelato


Créme de la créme


IF café

The best ice cream in Prague
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