Czech Easter Food

The Czech Republic is a country of many traditions and customs, especially during major holidays. Czech Easter is no exception. In fact, it is one of the most popular Czech holidays among tourists.

Czech Easter food typically includes a variety of traditional dishes that are specific to the holiday. One of the most popular Easter foods in the Czech Republic is the traditional Easter bread, known as “mazanec”. This sweet bread is typically made with raisins, nuts, and lemon zest, and is often shaped into a spiral or a wreath.

Another traditional Easter food is the “velikonoční nádivka” (Easter dumplings), which is a savory dish made of boiled dumplings filled with quark cheese or minced meat and served with gravy. This dish is usually served as a main course and it’s a variation of the traditional Czech dumplings that can be found in many traditional dishes.

A popular Easter food is “beránci” (little lambs), which are small, buttery cookies shaped like lambs. These cookies are often decorated with icing and are a sweet treat that is enjoyed by both children and adults.

Another traditional Easter food is “buchty” (buns), which are sweet, yeasted buns filled with a variety of fillings such as fruit preserves or cottage cheese. These buns are often served with a cup of coffee or tea and make a delicious and satisfying breakfast or brunch.

Easter eggs are also a traditional food for Czechs, these eggs are usually decorated in various patterns using wax and dye. The eggs are then used in a game of “kraslice” (decorated eggs) where the eggs are tapped against each other and the one that doesn’t crack is the winner.

Finally, Czechs also enjoy a variety of Easter meats, such as ham and roast pork, which are often served as a main course alongside traditional sides such as sauerkraut and dumplings.

In conclusion, Czech Easter food typically includes traditional dishes such as Easter bread, Easter dumplings, little lambs, buns, decorated eggs and Easter meats. These dishes are often enjoyed with family and friends and are a delicious and satisfying way to celebrate the holiday.

On Easter Monday, people celebrate spring and rebirth by eating special foods. Czech Easter menu consists of several traditional dishes:

  • Mazanec — yeast sweet bread with raisins and almonds,
  • Easter stuffing — baked dish with smoked pork meat and spring herbs,
  • Easter lamb cake — sponge cake in a shape of lamb,
  • Jidáše — sweet pastry,
  • Boží milosti — small crispy cookies.

Easter celebrating starts on the so-called Green Thursday. Many pubs all over the Czech republic tap green-colored beer.

Because dozens of eggs were boiled and painted for Easter, when the holiday finish, we need to eat them all. The most popular way (except simply eat boiled egg) is to make an egg spread.