Prices for food and drinks in Prague in 2022/2023

For most of the tourists (I mean especially western Europeans, US) Prague is cheaper (probably much cheaper) than at home. But be careful, there are many places where they want your money and are not ashamed to ask for two or three times higher prices than is common.

In Czechia, we didn’t adopt Euro yet, so you will pay in our local currency, Czech crown (CZK). In many tourist restaurants, they can accept Euro, but be careful, there will be probably a terrible exchange rate which makes it even more expensive. 100 CZK is a bit less than 4 EUR or 5 USD.

Quick prices comparison

I don’t expect you came to Prague which is full of great gastronomic spots to eat fast food. But I use internationally common known food to bring you closer to the level of food prices to expect in Prague:

  • Cheeseburger at McDonald’s 29 CZK
  • Big mac menu at McDondal’s 135 CZK
  • Longer at KFC 35 CZK
  • Twister at KFC 89 CZK
  • Whooper at Burger King 79 CZK
  • Caffé Latté (Grande) at Starbucks 89 CZK

It differs from place to place but if you see much higher prices than below, you are probably in a luxury restaurant, you ordered something special (usually expensive food) or you are in a touristic-oriented restaurant. These tourist traps are usually in the center of the city but it doesn’t mean you can’t eat at reasonable prices in the Prague center. Just avoid places where you see suspiciously high prices (which usually means not cheaper than you would pay at home).

Let’s have a look at the usual prices of food and drinks in restaurants and also prices in stores.

Prices in restaurants

  • scrambled eggs / omelette 60-120 CZK
  • pancakes 80-120 CZK
  • soup 50-100 CZK
  • svíčková (sirloin with sauce) 120-200 CZK
  • most of lunch dishes 100-150 CZK
  • burgers (in good burger restaurants, not McD) 150-250 CZK

Some dishes could be more expensive just because of more expensive resources – of course, when I say “most of lunches” I mean common lunch dish, not lobsters, truffles, caviar or 400 g beef steak.

To be honest, there are many restaurants in Prague where is worth to go even though the price is higher than mentioned above. But there should be a reason why you want to go exactly there, you should know why you pay more. If you meet a random restaurant with a person who persuades you to go in and 50% and higher prices, avoid it!

As an example, look at this menu pricelist of Lokál Dlouhááá restaurant. This is the most recommended restaurant to try traditional Czech food because of quality and taste, it is in the center (just 200 m from Old Town Square), it is not a cheap restaurant, but prices are reasonable. We, Czechs, go there often.

Accommodation in Prague

Prices for drinks in restaurants, bars and cafes

  • espresso 30-50 CZK
  • cappuccino 50-60 CZK
  • homemade lemonade (0,3l) 40-70 CZK
  • tap water (0,5l) 0-30 CZK
  • bottled water (0,3l) 30-50 CZK
  • coke (0,3l) 35-55 CZK
  • draft beer (0,5l) 40-60 CZK
  • glass of wine (0,2l) 50-80 CZK
  • aperol spritz / gin tonic 100-150 CZK
  • shot of alcohol 50-80 CZK

When you go outside of Prague in the Czech republic, prices shouldn’t be any higher, they are the same or lower in the countryside. Neither in other touristic spots in Czech republic like Český Krumlov, Karlovy Vary or Mariánské lázně prices shouldn’t be much higher, but there is the same as in Prague – a lot of touristic-oriented overpriced places.

Prices for food in the grocery stores

There are many supermarket chains in Prague (Lidl, Kaufland, Billa, Albert, Tesco) and many small stores and chain of small stores Žabka to buy just some basics, which can be a bit higher in prices but really just a little bit and because there are everywhere unlike chains. Small Vietnamese stores have very good fresh fruits and vegetables, usually better than in chains.

  • fresh milk (1l) 15-30 CZK
  • water (0,5l) 8-25 CZK
  • water (1,5l) 15-30 CZK
  • coke (0,5l) 20-30 CZK
  • beer (0,5l) 20-30 CZK
  • cheese (100g) 20-40 CZK
  • ham (100g) 20-40 CZK
  • yoghurt (200g) 12-20 CZK
  • banana (1kg) 40-60 CZK
Prices for food and drinks in Prague in 2022/2023
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