Chicken paprikash (Kuře na paprice)

One of the most favorite dishes Czechs loves from childhood is chicken paprikash. It is roasted or stewed choppy chicken with thick creamy sweet paprika sauce. We usually eat it with pasta or potato dumplings. The dish has a distinctive orange color.


Put oil and butter into the pot, let it warm up. Add salted chicken legs and roast from both sides. Take it out, add sliced onion and roast it. Powder it with paprika, mix it and roast together for a while. Add chicken legs back and pour the broth. Bring it to boil and then on lower heat cook until the chicken is soft, approx. 45 minutes.

After this take the chicken out, add milk and boil on lower heat about 15 minutes. Add cream and calm the heat down. Mix it with a hand blender in a smooth sauce. Pass it through a sieve back to the pot, add chicken and let it warm up for a while. Then serve.