Czech deli salad / Vlašák

Vlašský salad

There are a few dishes that I can’t eat other than homemade, from my own kitchen. These include Czech deli salad, called “vlašák” (or fully named “vlašský salát“). We eat it mainly as a part of “chlebíčky“, a Czech open sandwich (remotely similar to the Spanish pintxos), or simply with a baguette. Chlebíčky we eat at celebrations and always on New Year’s Eve.

Vlašský salát

Ingredients (approx. 1 kilo and quater = quantity for a big celebration)

  • 250 g potatoes cooked in their skins
  • 250 g ham salami or ham
  • 200 g pickled cucumbers
  • 80 g onion
  • 100 g apple
  • 400–500 g mayonnaise
  • Worcester sauce
  • salt, pepper

Preparation is extremely simple, you just have to cut for a while. Everything needs to be cut into small pieces (I do apple on the smallest grater).

Add mayonnaise (enough to have the right salad consistency). Preparing homemade mayonnaise is ideal. Then just season with salt, pepper, and Worcester sauce (about 2 teaspoons). Vlašský salad is better to prepare the day before, it will taste better. Then you just puff on the chlebíček (open sandwich), and that’s it!