Restaurace Praha – Traditional Czech food at the Prague airport

Hungry at the airport? Want to eat your first or last traditional Czech dish at the airport when arriving or leaving Prague? There is one restaurant with traditional Czech food right at the airport. To be honest, this is nothing special or high gastronomy, but it’s good, traditional and unbeatable the cheapest choice at the Prague airport.

The restaurant is called, obviously, Restaurace Praha. I remember this restaurant from my childhood, when my dad took me there (even though we didn’t fly anywhere). The reason was that this restaurant has a viewing terrace where you can watch landing and departing planes.

The location of the Restaurant Praha is at the Terminal 1 – find the stairs between exit E and F and go to the first floor. If your flight is from Terminal 2, you can still go there, walking distance between both terminals is about 3 minutes and the restaurant is before check-in (also there is second part of restaurant accessible after check-in at Terminal 1).

It’s the place where airport’s staff usually eat, but still is not much busy (maybe because it’s quite hidden). It is self service, so you just grab your tray, choose food, pay and decide if you stay sitting inside or go to the terrace. It is opened nonstop, you can choose from breakfast menu (scrambled eggs, sausages) and lunch / dinner menu (czech traditionals like goulash, schnitzel or sirloin with sauce and dumplings). In addition you can have some soups, “chlebíčky”, czech desserts like věneček, špička or bábovka. Beer is a matter of course. And also there is some “not traditional” staff like cokes, juices, baguettes, etc.

Prices in Restaurant Praha

Prices here are very reasonable, about 150 CZK for main dish, 80 CZK for scrambled eggs, 20 CZK for dessert. Staff which is not prepared there is still bit pricey (like half liter bottle of coke for 50+ CZK).