Czech braided Christmas bread / Vánočka

Czech christmas bread - vánočka

It wouldn’t be Christmas without Christmas bread. In Czech we call it “vánočka“. I love to eat it on holidays mornings with not a thin layer of butter or butter and jam and a cup of hot cocoa or later in the afternoon with creamy eggnog. Ingredients (1 kg Christmas bread) Dough: 500 g flour … Read more

Czech Christmas Bear paws / Pracny

Christmas bear paws

Cocoa bear paws with cinnamon, cloves, and not only taste but also smell beautiful. And especially they are the least laborious Christmas cookies, so it’s worth not missing them. Ingredients (40 bear paws) 200 g flour 90 g icing sugar 80 g milled almonds 160 g butter 1 egg 2 spoons of cocoa powder cinnamon … Read more

Czech Christmas vanilla crescents / Rohlíčky

Vanilla crescents

There is no Czech Christmas without vanilla crescents. And “ours” are surely the best (which is what everyone says about their own crescents). However, they are so good that they never last long. Vanilla crescents are, in fact, the least laboring (baked) christmas cookies. Put the ingredients together on the pastry board, thouroughly knead it. … Read more

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