Prague in April – taste Czech Easter

Usually in April sun comes to Prague and everything awakens from winter sleep. But to be honest there is something what we call fittingly “April weather“. This means weather can be unpredictably changing fast a lot day to day. You shouldn’t be surprised if it’s snowing one day, nearly summer sunny day next day, followed by heavy showers. I mean it seriously, be prepared for everything.

Nevertheless sun and warmer weather is coming. Outdoor seating season can already start, so you can enjoy a beer, coffee or even lunch outside the restaurant.

The main thing for April is Easter holiday. You will see Easter eggs and whips everywhere. For the food you can enjoy lot of lamb meat, Easter cake called “Mazanec“, sweet cake “Easter lamb” (cake in shape of lamb) and very famous Easter stuffing.

Last day of the month (April 30th) is hold in Czech republic as a Witches night – Burning of the witches. Usually outside of city (or at least outside of city center) you can see bonfires, people jumping over bonfires and roasting sausages on sticks on the fire, playing guitar and singing songs.