Prague Christmas tips

If you’re lucky enough to spend Christmas time in Prague, you’ll definitely love it. To be honest, the city is a bit overcrowded and it’s really recommended not to visit any of the department stores. But if you want to slow down a bit and enjoy the Christmas mood, Prague is the perfect place. For most people the Christmas time is full of rush, stress and shopping spree. For me it’s a time of baking (and tasting!) Christmas cookies, crawling around Christmas markets, meeting friends and eat the food we usually eat just once a year, in December. Where to go for Christmas bites?

Eggnog cappuccino in Onesip coffee

Yes, my guilty pleasure. This is a tradition that I have honestly adhered to for the last years. If you are addicted to the perfect coffee I’m sure you won’t miss this place. Onesip coffee is the best cafe in Prague. But in addition to a standard coffee offer, they like to add seasonal specialties. For Christmas (during the whole Advent, ending on December 24th) it is an eggnog cappuccino. They use their own recipe for eggnog which is produced in pastry shop Votre Plaisir for them. They whip the eggnog together with milk to get that perfect cappuccino with flavor. Love it! This reliably starts my Christmas mood.

Christmas bread and eggnog in Cukrárna Myšák

The traditional pastry shop Cukrárna Myšák serves mainly good all Czech desserts. When I get there it’s always a mix of luxury and childhood memories. I enjoy their comfort and beautiful white porcelain. In pre-Christmas time you can taste Christmas bread (coming with butter and jam) and eggnog.