Practical information

Are you comng to Prague or elsewhere in the Czech republic and not sure how it works here, how to pay, tip or behave in czech restaurants, cafés and bars. You are in the right place, this information should help you.

What is czech currency? Can I pay buy Euro?
Czech republic has its own currency – Czech crown (koruna, CZK). At some places (tourist area) Euro is also accepted.
Can I pay buy card in restaurants or stores?
Sure. As everywhere, there are some places where only the cash is the king, but very rarely. Cards may not be accepted at farmers’ markets.
Should I leave a tip in restaurant or bar?
Yes, 10 % is usual when you are satisfied. (more about tipping in Czech republic)
Do I need a reservation in Prague restaurants?
It depends. When you are going to visit a special, luxury or renowned restaurant or you are going for dinner at a special occasion or holiday (Christmas Eve, New Year Eve) is definitely better to make a reservation.
When are restaurants open?
Most of restaurants are opened everyday (weekdays and weekend too), usually from 11 am till 10 pm, without any break between lunch and dinner. Of course, restaurants serving brunch or breakfast are opening earlier, from 8 or 9.
How much will I pay for a lunch in Prague?
It depends where you go, but standard dishes are about 100 – 150 CZK (4 – 6 EUR). (more about food prices in Czech republic)
Do Czechs speak english? Can I have a menu in restaurant in english?
Mostly yes, especially in the city center. If not, here is a small vocabulary.