Farmers’ markets in Prague

When I stay in Prague for the weekend, visiting Farmers’ markets is what I’m looking forward the most. Especially in the summer, but they are opened almost all year, usually starting in March. They are on Saturday morning, which means from about 8 to 14. Of course, later you go, more good things is sold out, but don’t worry I go hardly ever before 10 (ok, 11) and it’s still worth it. But get up early has one big advantage – avoid the crowd.

What to do there? You can buy seasonal fruit and vegetables, bread and pastry (and so traditional kolache), cheese, sausages, meat, fish, flowers, charcuterie, diary products and eggs to bring it at home. But that is not all. You can have a coffee there or have a lunch or glass of wine. Markets are usually open-air with plenty of space to sit on a bench or just on the grass. So what I love the most is to grab some food and chill nearby, watching people passing.

Farmers’ markets are really popular here, so expect they will be a bit overcrowded.

Farmer’s market “Na Kulaťáku” (Dejvice)

This is my favorite one, thought it is far away from my home. It is next to big roundabound in Dejvice, the place is locally called “Kulaťák”. Next to is large grassy area, not bad to take a picnic blanket with you. Except the fresh food, there is a few stalls with kolache, coffee spot, burger spot, usually pancakes.

Farmer’s market “Náplavka” (by the Vltava river)

This one is, besides others, great for its location. It is right next to the Vltava river, nearby Vysehrad castle with a beautiful view of Prague castle.

Farmer’s market “Na Jiřáku” (Jiřího z Poděbrad square)

This one is smaller than the above mentioned but still worth it. It is held right in front of impressive Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord, in walking distance from Žižkov Tower or Rieger Gardens. This one is open not only on Saturday, but from Wednesday to Saturday and is usually not so crowded. You can easily get there by subway (green line A) to the

Farmer’s market Holešovice

In the area of big Prague market in Hall 22, it’s the only one roofed. Is good for buying some fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese and fish to bring home and cook from it. There is usually no lunch options in Hall 22, but there are some restaurants around in Prague market area.