Czech pea soup / hrachová polévka

Czech pea soup is a traditional Czech dish made from split peas. The soup is often garnished with croutons.

In the Czech Republic, pea soup is often served as a part of the traditional Christmas Eve dinner. Especially by those who don’t like carp soup, another traditional Czech christmas soup. It is a hearty and warming dish that is well-suited for the cold winter weather, and its simplicity and comforting flavors make it a popular choice for the holiday season. The soup can be made in advance, which makes it a convenient dish to prepare for the busy holiday season. The tradition of eating pea soup on Christmas Eve is a longstanding one in the Czech Republic and is an important part of the country’s cultural heritage.

How to make Czech pea soup – recipe


For broth:

  • Root vegetables (such as carrots and celery)
  • Onion
  • Leek
  • Chicken bones
  • Spices (such as bay leaves and thyme)

For the soup:

  • Butter
  • Peas
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Cream

For the serving:

  • Toast bread (for making croutons)


From root vegetables, onion, leek, chicken bones, and spices, we prepare a chicken broth. Finely chopped onion is fried in melted butter, add chopped leek and cook covered for about 5 minutes. Add peas, mix and pour with boiling chicken broth. Salt, pepper and bring to a boil. Add classic and sour cream and cook for a while. Then remove from the stove and blend with an immersion blender, then strain. Cube the toast bread and fry on butter to make croutons, and sprinkle on the soup just before serving.