Traditional Czech food vocabulary

Maybe you can have menu in english but still have no idea what the meal is about. Here you can find explanation to the most traditional czech dishes. Fried cheese (Smažený sýr) It is slice of edam cheese wrapped in three-layer flour, egg, breadcrumbs (the same way as a schnitzel), deep fried. It usually goes … Read more

Traditional Czech Christmas cookies

There are hundreds types of Christmas cookies, differing in shape, color and taste. For each of them, there are countless of recipes – some are even traditional family methods. Recipes are inherited from generation to generation. During Christmas visits, you taste a lot of cookies from distant family, friends and acquaintances. Comparing who has the … Read more

Traditional Czech Christmas food

Christmas is the most celebrated holiday in the Czech Republic, which means a lot of good (not really healthy) food and a huge feast. What individual families eat for the Christmas holidays can vary according to region and family habits. But four things are the same for 99 per cent of Czechs: Christmas bread (vánočka), … Read more

Czech pastry

In czech, there is A LOT OF cakes, desserts and sweet we love. You should try: Kolache Appel Strudel Bábovka Kremrole Indián Punch cake Buchty

Czech Dumplings (knedlíky)

The typical Czech side dish is dumplings (knedlíky). Usually, we eat dumplings to a meal with meat and sauce but also we have dumplings stuffed with meat or sweet dumplings stuffed with fruit like a sweet main dish or dessert. Either way, Czech dumpling are never diet. They are full of white flour, often lard … Read more