Traditional Czech Christmas cookies

There are hundreds types of Christmas cookies, differing in shape, color and taste. For each of them, there are countless of recipes – some are even traditional family methods. Recipes are inherited from generation to generation. During Christmas visits, you taste a lot of cookies from distant family, friends and acquaintances. Comparing who has the … Read more

Traditional Czech Christmas food

Christmas is the most celebrated holiday in the Czech Republic, which means a lot of good (not really healthy) food and a huge feast. What individual families eat for the Christmas holidays can vary according to region and family habits. But four things are the same for 99 per cent of Czechs: Christmas bread (vánočka), … Read more

Czech Dumplings (knedlíky)

The typical Czech side dish is dumplings (knedlíky). Usually, we eat dumplings to a meal with meat and sauce but also we have dumplings stuffed with meat or sweet dumplings stuffed with fruit like a sweet main dish or dessert. Either way, Czech dumpling are never diet. They are full of white flour, often lard … Read more