Traditional czech dishes

You go to Prague, Czech Republic and want to taste traditional czech cuisine, but you don’t know what to taste and what to expect?


  • Prague ham usually server with horseradish
  • beef tartar with fried bread
  • pate with cranberry sauce
  • goat cheese


  • cabbage soup
  • potato soup
  • goulash soup
  • chicken or beef broth with small liver balls
  • garlic soup

With beer

  • Olomoucké syrečky – ripened soft cheese with a strong odour
  • pickled hermelin cheese – soft cheese (like camembert) marinated with peppers and onions in oil
  • bramborák fried pancake of grated potatoes

Main dishes

  • fried cheese with tartar sauce
  • marinated sirloin with bread or carlsbad dumplings
  • beef with tomato sauce or dill sauce with bread dumplings
  • schnitzel

Side dishes

Desserts and sweets

  • fruit dumplings
  • bábovka
  • buchty
  • koláče
  • pancakes with cream
Traditional czech dishes
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