Christmas Eve dinner in Prague (December 2021)

On the Christmas Eve (December 24th) most of Czech people spend time in their homes with whole family, dining homemade Christmas dinner, which is usually the carp with potato salads with children looking forward the moment when Ježíšek ring the bell, light Christmas tree and brings present.

Stores are closed as well as most of the restaurants. But don’t worry, there are still tempting dining options for the Christmas dinner. Restaurants which are opened for this time usually serve special Christmas menu. If you choose one, make sure you do a reservation, coming without it on Christmas Eve could be risky and disappointing.

Which restaurants are ready to feed you on Christmas Eve?

  • Café Imperial
  • Next Door
  • The Eatery

And what to do after Christmas dinner?

Some bars are opened at Christmas night, also friends, family members and habitues are coming there so it has special, Christmassy atmosphere.

  • Parlour