Traditional Czech Christmas cookies

There are hundreds types of Christmas cookies, differing in shape, color and taste. For each of them, there are countless of recipes – some are even traditional family methods. Recipes are inherited from generation to generation. During Christmas visits, you taste a lot of cookies from distant family, friends and acquaintances. Comparing who has the best crescents and who baked the most is a favoirite christmas sport.

In some households, they bake only a few kinds of christmas cookies, but, in others, they can bake twenty or even more. This is a huge amount of work and requires a lot of time. Christmas baking starts way before the festive period, often at the beginning of Advent: we tend to start with gingerbreads, which need the longest time to mature.
The most traditional czech cookies are vanilla crescents, linzer cookies and gingerbreads – these suit just about everyone. The favourites are wasp nests, rum spheres, bear paws, meringue kisses or stuffed nuts.

No pain christmas sweets

If you are not interested in baking your own or you want to have something from your visit of Czech republic, of course, you can buy it. They have them in pastry shops or bakeries, selling several different kinds. Try Café Savoy, IF Café, Simply Good or Erhartova cukrárna.