YumPrague – eat in Prague

Hi! YumPrague is here to introduce you all goodies Prague offers you. It is not only common gastronomy guide, it is written by locals, so we can show you everything as we know it from our everyday life. The czech food we write about we eat since childhood, the restaurants we recommend you we visit regularly several times a month. You can trust us the best places in Prague often not even on TripAdvisor.

What to eat in Prague

You go to Prague, Czech Republic and want to taste traditional czech cuisine, but you don’t know what to taste and what to expect? Go through the description of the of common Czech dishes!

Where to eat in Prague

You are in Prague and need to find some good restaurants, cafes, sweet shops, pus or bars? Want to eat something traditional czech or go for sushi, Indian, Vietnamese, Italian or any other type of cuisine? Our restaurant guide will help you!

Czech cuisine

Czech food has tasted? Are you interested in how it is cooked or would you even like to cook it for yourself? Check out our recipes!

Practical information

Some practical information when you visit Prague can be useful.

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